Creating Default Dimension

//Code added by Ahmed Alam on 6th Oct, 2013
//ReasonCode: User can get the specific dimension value on the basis of provided Financial Dimension
public static RecId createDefaultDimension(container defaultDim, container dimValue)
container ledgerDimension;
DimensionDefault DimensionDefault;
int _counter;
DimensionValue _foundValue[];
Name _foundName[];
Struct struct;

struct = new Struct();
for(_counter = 1; _counter <= conLen(defaultDim); _counter++)
_foundValue[_counter] = conPeek(defaultDim, _counter);
_foundName[_counter] = conPeek(dimValue, _counter);
struct.add(_foundName[_counter], _foundValue[_counter]);

ledgerDimension += struct.fields();
ledgerDimension += struct.fieldName(_counter);
ledgerDimension += struct.valueIndex(_counter);

DimensionDefault = Dimensions::getDimensionAttributeValueSetId(ledgerDimension);
return DimensionDefault;


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